Directed by Steven Lippman aka FLIP. The lead music video from Bonnie Raitt's Grammy-award winning album "Slipstream," shown here in the director & artist's cut. Filmed on location at the abandoned and majestic New Mission Theater in San Francisco, and the couples' portraits filmed in the SF/Noe Valley neighborhood. Thanks to all for gathering for this project. Love and equality. The song is written by the late great Gerry Rafferty. Shot on Super 8mm and 16mm film. Thanks to Kodak for their generous assistance.

Right Down the Line

Directed by: Steven Lippman aka FLIP

Producer: Pamela Esterson  

Co-producers: James Q. Chan, Brian Benson, Nicholas O'Neill

Bonnie Raitt's official music video (her first since 1998) from her current 2013 Grammy Award winning "Slipstream" Album.