Special Work-in-Progress Screening at CAAMFest 2016!

Our Frank Wong documentary is having a special work-in-progress screening on Saturday March 12, 2016. Our finished film (with our new title!) will be completed soon yet we couldn't turn down this timely invitation to offer a special preview to the Chinatown community. We're excited to bring this screening into the heart of Chinatown and are proud that it will be shown to the public in the newly built CCSF Chinatown/Northbeach Campus. This campus holds a special place in our hearts because of the long road (over three decades of obstacles and struggles) it took to achieve a permanent educational home for our immigrant community and students in Chinatown. This was a hard fought and victorious achievement by and for the community. Gratitude to those on the front lines for their long-term dedication to serving the educational needs of immigrants and working-class Asian Americans in community colleges. We're excited about this preview screening and hope you can join us at CAAMfest 2016!!