milo yellow hair is... good medicine.

Milo Yellow Hair (Skins, The Spirit of Crazy Horse) is a fullblood Oglala Lakota Sioux. In addition to his film work, Milo is an activist, historian, and former tribal vice-president. An AIM Member and Wounded Knee 1973 Veteran, for nearly four decades, Milo has dedicated his life as an advocate for political justice, social change and environmental preservation and has traveled the world informing and educating other cultures about Native American history and customs. On Pine Ridge, he assists families and youth with the organization of over 200 community-based gardens, and has been involved with advocacy efforts against the contamination of local aquifers from uranium mining in the Black Hills, which studies suggest are contributing to health issues on the reservation. Milo lives in Pine Ridge Reservation with his wife Moniek.

Film:  istinma / to rest  

Role: father

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